Our way of making apple chips is inspired by traditional method of apple chips making in Himachal Pradesh which has been going on from a very long time they are basically sun dried and chewy. We at Savour God's Orchard aim to make it healthy, savorous and crispy keeping the same taste. For this we have employed people who has been making traditional apple chips in village.

Our Chips

Apperite apple chips is an idea in progress of providing healthy and delicious snack for everyone these apple chips are made in a small village of northern state of Himalayan region ( Himachal Pradesh ). Our small plant is handled by charismatic combo of village people and ambitious productive youth of Shimla town. Our apple chips are peeled, sliced and cored by hand and the vision is to give our consumers the taste of mixed varieties of apple chips in one packet sweet, tangy, smokey, chilly and what not.